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It is important to choose the size and curvature of the board that suits you. The board surface is generally made of five-layer, seven-layer or nine-layer wood board pressed by high pressure. The board can be Canadian maple, Chinese maple or birch. The choice of sandpaper must be "sticky" to the feet, which can increase the friction between the shoe and the board. The size of the wheel is calculated in millimeters, the most common is 52-56 mm. For example, a 5331 wheel, the first two numbers (53) are the diameter of the wheel, and the back two numbers (31) are the width of the wheel.

The bigger the wheel, the faster it is, and the smaller wheel is more suitable for playing fancy. Most bearings use ABEC coefficients to express speed, which are ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5 and ABEC7. For beginners, if you practice skateboarding on smooth ground (such as marble ground or flat concrete ground), you can choose ABEC1-3 bearings; if you practice skateboarding on rough ground (such as a road with anti-skid patterns) , It is best to use bearings above ABEC3.

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