Product Description:13 Watt Full SpringLamp Blue. BulbConnection is an Authorized Distributor for TCP products. ? Up to 23 watt is UL approved for totally enclosed fixtures. Product Price: $320. 64More Poduct: CLICK HEREAbout EcoGreen:EcoGreen Energy Solutions is stronger than ever with a growing team of energy and water professionals that know how to deliver vendor-neutral savings.Contact US:Contact Person:Scott ParisiPho. No : 888-229-0213Address :310-A Simmons Road,Knoxville, TN 37922,Planet EarthFor More Info: Led Lighting And Controls.


bright LED on IO-Pin without additional transistor (PIC 12F)

The issue with using a microcontroller's GPIO pin directly, to operate an LED brightly, is that the current that passes through the LED to light it up, also has to pass through the GPIO pin and out through the microcontroller's ground pin, for the circuit to be completed. This is called sinking of current. While many microcontrollers are rated for sinking 20 mA or more through an individual GPIO pin, some are not. More of concern, when one has multiple such current sinking connections, these currents add up at the MCU's ground pin - which itself has a limit, differs from MCU to MCU. Solution: Drive your LED with very low current if you absolutely must save on the transistor. A typical indicator LED will light up pretty brightly even with 3 or 5 mA of current - try it for yourself

How LED bulbs work on 220 volt AC?

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a diode, which emits the light when the current passes through it.The LED works on the DC source (a constant current with sufficient forward voltage).Basically the LED transforms the electrical energy into light(around 30%) heat(around 70%). The life of the LED can be stated as 30% loss of luminous intensity from its initial light output. Heat is the biggest enemy to LED.In general, an LED Bulb is designed to operate on 100-270VAC by using an AC-DC driver. The AC-DC driver provides certain DC power(Certain Voltage & Currents) to operate the LEDs. The LEDs will be mounted on a PCB (heat sinking material like Aluminum) to dissipate the heat generated during the operation. This makes the LED life to grow. The more heat you observed means the life of the is less.If you still have Queries, feel free to ask.

LCD 1080p vs LED 720p?

With a 32“ HDTV there is no point in 1080p unless you plan to closer than 6' (1st Link). Do not waste money on 1080p. LED uses less power than LCD, true, but budget LED TVs tend to be plagued with edge lighting effects (a bark image shows the LED edge lighting around the image) ... which is bothersome. When done right local dimming using LED lighting is a beneficial over LCD fluorescent lit models (See 3rd link) but budget TVs often do not provide this feature. Emerson and Sceptre are budget brands not known for quality or longevity. I recognize that you have budget issues, but it is almost always better to buy a quality product rather than a budget model. The 2nd link lists the “best“ 32“ and less HDTVs. I strongly suggest considering looking for one of these (or, similar models) on Black Friday sale .... or consider looking for a used TV (there are often bargains on smaller TVs as people trade up). While you wo not get a warranty or the latest features, flat panel HDTVs that work for the first few months (when most faults show up) are pretty good bets to work perfectly for years after that. And you can save lot's of money. I just saw a 32“ Sharp Aquos HDTV for $200 on Kijiji. Good luck

differences between LCD and LED tv?

both are LCD displays. LCD is passive, it does not emit light, it controls llight. in the normal LCD display the light is generated by a broad spectrum bulb or tube in the back of the set. in the LED display the light for the LCD is generated by LEDs. The advantage of LED light source is they have excellent purity of color, very precise red, green and blue spectrum

Why does an 800 lumen LED bulb seem so much brighter than an 800 lumen fluorescent bulb (both are standard-Edison based)?

It has to do with the wave length of the LED light bulb vs the wave length of regular incandesents. Since LED waves are tighter they generally project farther.Another factor contributing to the LED lamp seeming brighter is that incandesent lights emit light out from the center and LED lights project out in a single direction from the source. This generally allows for more of the light to be focused where it is needed and not lost lighting things like ceilings that donu2019t require much light.Why does an 800 lumen LED bulb seem so much brighter than an 800 lumen fluorescent bulb (both are standard-Edison based)?

LED capable of either IR or visible light (not at the same time) [closed]

Emitters with both infrared and visible light can be found by searching for "infrared dual emitter" or "infrared dual LED". For instance, one such part available in my geography is the Osi Opto DLED-660/940-CSL-3, a side-emitting LED with 660 nm red and 940 nm IR, independently controllable (common anode).The bidirectional (CSL-2) type might be preferable for simplistic applications such as mentioned by OP, where inverting the voltage would switch between IR and visible emission, without both being needed simultaneously.

What are the main uses of LED canopy lights?

Outdoor spaces like gas-stations, open-air dining areas, etc. need lights that provide better lumen output. Our collection of Outdoor LED Canopy Lights is the right choice when looking for lighting options for outdoor spaces. These lights come with premium-quality surface-mounted(SMD) LED chips that make them robust and reliable. A high lumen output will ensure that the outdoor areas will flush with adequate amounts of light. These Outdoor LED Canopy Lights offer a high color rendering index (CRI) that will let you see every object in its true color. Also, these lights come with an easy set of instructions that makes the installation process easy and fast. These lights are perfect to use at places that need many lighting fixtures. So, if you wish to save money on the utility bills, go for LED canopy lights!What are the main uses of LED canopy lights?.

What material provides the best cooling for LED lighting?

The cost of producing LEDs is anticipated to reduce significantly by 2015. The US Division of Power projections that the production expense of an LED luminaire or component will drop by about 40 to 45 percent over the next 5 years. These cost savings will certainly be even more improved by government subsidies and also discounts. Lumen result is an additional crucial consider the adoption of LED lighting. Although LED innovation continues to breakthrough, high-lumen-output LED applications can not be achieved with passive air conditioning alone. LED lights cooled down by an easy warm sink, rather than with an energetic air conditioning solution like a synthetic jet, are inherently bigger, makings retrofitting tough. A smaller heat sink may result in a light or luminaire that is less reliable because of warmth damage to the LEDs, or a source that produces insufficient light for market success.In order to reach the preferred lumen values in a fixed kind variable, energetic cooling could be required to dissipate the heat generated by the LED components. Some energetic air conditioning options, such as followers, do not have the very same life span as the LED itself. In order to create a viable active air conditioning solution for high-brightness LEDs, the method of thermal management must be naturally reduced in power usage, flexible enough to suit a little form variable as well as have actually an anticipated life equal to or above that of the light sources.Synthetic jet coolingSynthetic-jet innovation offers an active air conditioning solution for LED illumination, and has actually been adopted by many major worldwide lights firms. The portable air conditioning components resolve all the restrictions presently hindering the advancement of LED lighting: efficient warmth dissipation, small kind aspect and also dependability. Marine LightingWhat material provides the best cooling for LED lighting?

Is there such a thing as a LED that can change colors based on user input?

yes and no. LED's alone are single color. You can purchase an LED that has 2 color are 3 colors. What is possible is color mixing. You can get one LED that has red, green blue (RGB) or just use 3 individual Red, green blue LED's, place them next to each other. If all of them are full bright, then you will get white (depending on how far your looking at the LED or if you have a diffuser on top of them. if you just have RED and BLUE on full bright then you will get purple. anyway, just get a microcontroller and have pulse width modulation to control the current going into the LED via a transistor. You should be able to get 255 colors (8 bits)

LED's brightness difference in these 2 circuits

Assuming the NOT gate will change 5V to 0V and 0V to 5V, the following happens:Circuit A: 5V -> resistor -> LED -> 0V resistor -> LED -> 0V, which is a normal circuit and some current will flow (depending on the forward voltage of led D1).Circuit B: 5V -> Not -> 0V -> Resistor -> LED -> 0V, which in principle means no current is flowing at all.Maybe the NOT component works a bit differently (maybe it changes 5V to 2V, or 0V to 3V or whatever. But anyway, in circuit A you probably have more voltage difference than in circuit B, and taking the forward voltage in account, I would expect circuit A to act with a normal current flow, and circuit B not at all

Can you purchase LED's for a Luxeed U5 LED keyboard?

Green LEDs seem to die. It will be hard for you to replace the LEDs. You would better ask the seller to replace the keyboard. Thanks

Micro-sized powered LED [closed]

Dustin C

How can i design a led panels of around 100 LEDS on a Vero Board with voltages of 5V and 10V ?

more slack: you only get constant current if you put them all in series. using a constant current source to drive 10 parallel strings will result in the same problems you get when you drive LEDs with a fixed voltage. Anee: Which is it? 5 volts or 10 volts? And what is the typical and max VF for the LEDs, that number is critical. If supply voltage is Vs and Vf is typical Vf of LED, then for 10 ma, you want resistors to be: R = (Vs - Vf) / 0.01 ohms. note that Vs should be at least 2 volts higher than Vf. Power dissipation is (Vs - Vf)*0.01 in watts, and you should get resistors rated at twice that number. .

How are LED light bulbs made?

Firstly, you get a lot of money, thenSecondly, in a clean room (Fab) you will build at great expense, you make some silicon wafers, the bigger the better, then plate/etch the wafers with LED chip images on a hot gas diffusion line and dice them into a potful of nice cute little LED chips; all after buying a bunch of chip fab machines from Applied Materials or similar which will chew up all your cash.Thirdly, you raise a bunch of millions more.Fourthly, you design and manufacture the circuitry to convert 120/240 VAC into somewhere between 4. 5 and 12 VDC depending on how you designed the chip sets and variable voltage/current management if you want them dimmable.Fifthly, (But you will repeat this step quite a few times), build a A18/20 and BR series bulb making plant with a final product assembly wing to build out complete LED bulbs.Repeat the step above to make additional types and shapes of bulbs and repeat step 4 to deliver advanced functions like color changing, dimming with color temperature change, and possibly WI-FI control. Oh, and write the app for iPhone and Android devices.Lastly, kick yourself for going hundreds or millions into debt and pledging your soul to various VC's, and declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy

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Occupancy Sensor Immediately Off After On
The first step is to read through the user's guide, and make sure it's not in a "test" mode. If after reading the manual it still wasn't working, I'd exchange it for a different unit.If the new unit didn't work, I'd either try a different brand/model, or forget about using an occupancy sensor.I attempted to install a Lutron 2 AMP occupancy sensor this weekend, replacing a simple single-pole switch.Installation seemed to be straightforward enough. However, when the time came to test it, it exhibited a funny symptom. About 9 out of 10 times it detected motion and tried to turn on the lights, the lights would be on for a split of a second, and then went off. Very occasionally, the lights would turn on and stay on, functioning normally.I suspected the switch might require a minimum wattage - I was using 4 LED bulbs, but after changing to 4 incandescent bulbs, the issue still remained.This sensor requires a ground wire, which is used to power the standby circuit. I made sure grounding worked. It did. In fact, the sensor wouldn't even function without the ground wire connected.I then tested the switch on a different location, also replacing a single-pole switch. The configuration of wires was identical to the previous location. This time, the lights wouldn't even turn on at all.I thought I must have broken the sensor, but I tested it again at the first location to be sure. It's not broken (at least not completely), and still exhibited the "immediately off after turning the lights on" issue at the first location.I am stumped. Was it likely that I got a bad unit? Or is the problem the quality of grounding ("weak ground")? Any advice/suggestion is appreciated!.OTHER ANSWER:I attempted to install a Lutron 2 AMP occupancy sensor this weekend, replacing a simple single-pole switch.Installation seemed to be straightforward enough. However, when the time came to test it, it exhibited a funny symptom. About 9 out of 10 times it detected motion and tried to turn on the lights, the lights would be on for a split of a second, and then went off. Very occasionally, the lights would turn on and stay on, functioning normally.I suspected the switch might require a minimum wattage - I was using 4 LED bulbs, but after changing to 4 incandescent bulbs, the issue still remained.This sensor requires a ground wire, which is used to power the standby circuit. I made sure grounding worked. It did. In fact, the sensor wouldn't even function without the ground wire connected.I then tested the switch on a different location, also replacing a single-pole switch. The configuration of wires was identical to the previous location. This time, the lights wouldn't even turn on at all.I thought I must have broken the sensor, but I tested it again at the first location to be sure. It's not broken (at least not completely), and still exhibited the "immediately off after turning the lights on" issue at the first location.I am stumped. Was it likely that I got a bad unit? Or is the problem the quality of grounding ("weak ground")? Any advice/suggestion is appreciated!
Top 10 Questions About Led Lighting Answered
Considering that led lighting may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about led lighting for you to get started.1. Outdoor Wedding Reception Lighting Tips for a Great NightIf so, one important feature you do not want to miss is the lighting. If you are going to keep your outdoor reception lit, you are going to need to invest in some of the best lighting available. When done well, lighting can make everything look great. The right amount of illumination can put the focus on everything from the bridal party table to the dance floor, wedding cake, and more. Here are a few tips to help you chose the appropriate, outdoor wedding reception lighting. Pin Spot Pin spot lighting is a beam of light that is designed to shine directly on something such as a wedding cake, the gift table, or even the open bar. Color Wash This is a blanket of lights strung together. They can be laid over an area to create an ambiance. Gobos These are stencils that can be placed over a light at an outdoor wedding reception to create a pattern or make a statement. Some use these to put up dates, names of the bride and groom, and more. LED LED lighting is very popular for outdoor weddings. Coming in all colors, shapes, and sizes, these lights are more vibrant and energy efficient. String Lighting As the name implies, these are strands of lights on a string much like those on a Christmas tree. Now that you have a better understanding of the most popular types of outdoor wedding reception lights. The next tip to keeping your reception lit all night long is to choose lighting that suits the style of your wedding. Classic If you are going with a classic wedding, you might consider going with table lighting such as silver candelabras. This will give off an elegant glow. Candles are a great idea for classic weddings. It sets a very romantic, low-key tone. Rustic Thinking more of a barn-style wedding reception? Why not go with something like market lights? They are a lot larger than the average Christmas tree lights with each bulb giving off powerful illumination. These would be great for lining the dance floor or the entryway to your outdoor wedding tent. Romantic If you are looking for a really romantic lighting idea, lanterns speak volumes. Allow your guest to release colorful lanterns into the night sky as you look on and remember your special day. Edgy If you are going for a bit more of an edgy feel, then color lights are your best friend. Choose vibrant and bold colors that make a statement. You might even go a bit more modern and choose pattern lights or lights that change color for an extra pop. What kind of lighting will you have at your outdoor wedding reception? Everyone wants to get on the dance floor and dance the night away. If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception, lighting is everything. It can take an outdoor tent from basic and drab to lit and fab in a matter of seconds. Make sure that you choose lighting that will draw attention to the intricate details of your wedding and also keep the party lit all night long.2. With all the talk of banning incandescent bulbs, is there a non-fading alternative to fluorescent lighting?Fluorescent lighting emits UV radiation, so it is not good for your eyes either. UV-blocking sleeves, coverings, and panels are available for fluorescent light bulbs. Unless they are the standard, long tubes, the fluorescent bulbs often get fried; I think that they are more sensitive to brown outs and power spikes. They can mess up your TV reception and certainly AM radio. LED lighting can be safe, depending on the manufacturer. It is even more cost effective than fluorescent...however, in my experience, neither non-standard fluorescent or LED lights last as long as incandescent lights (due to manufacturing problems), even though they promise to last many times longer. LED lights are very expensive at the moment, and there can be problems with them emitting too much light, some can damage your eyes, but regardless, the bright light can be harsh. Another problem with LED lighting is getting white light. It is hard to blend the colors and make the intensities just right to get a nice, white color. The white LEDS tend to look bluish. Apart from these two, either you are using more electricity, or you are sacrificing lumens (light intensity). Also, with the other alternatives, it is hard to get reading or white light and you can run into problems with their heat.
Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Led Tv
Here are top 10 questions about led tv asked by people online.1. Is there a special setting or cable to connect a Wii to a Samsung LED TV?Use the component cables. 480p is the best Wii offers. To share multiple sources with one input, you need an A/V selector.2. How do I remove gouge mark on samsung LED tv screen?The damage is permanent3. Which is the best 32 inch led tv in india?Sony and Samsung have the best picture quality. also Panasonic had a lot longer and is more reliable so i go with Panasonic.. But choose according to your budget ND choice buddy.4. Should i buy the new HD LED TV or LCD HD TV?whatever your heart desires :D5. LG 47" LED TV won't turn on?47 Led Tv6. Which LED TV Is Best Among These???? Please.. Help?Samsung's D series is quite good. I would go for no. 3 if i were you7. Walmart LED TV Return: Can I return it for a refund?You can return ANYTHING at Wal mart! Even food you opened8. Is a 40" 1080p LED TV good for gaming?yes it is better then 32" and it is full hd9. how to connect creative A520 5.1 speaker to sony LED tv?You can not connect speakers directly to a TV. You need a receiver/amplifier10. how should i transport my LED tv?carry it11. How is the quality and performance of Onida LED TV? Please only answer if you're using it.Onida TVs are worst in the world. They do not work properly and are completely useless. Onida use old chinese technology which sometimes results in deformation of pixles.Moreover you can buy TV s with superior quality by paying few money more.12. Samsung LED Tv or Sony bravia W series ?You know, ANY of those TVs are great TVs that you will be thrilled with. My advice would be to look at the features and try to look at all of these TVs in action yourself. Which ever one you go with, rest assured you have made a GREAT choice. Enjoy!.13. My boyfriend sprayed our LED tv screen with Windex and now it is on the fritz?Get another, smarter boyfriend14. Replacement power cord for Sansui LED TV?could patch it up,get an extension cord for a couple of dollars and some electrical tape.cut/trim insulation back, twist apropriate wires together make sure they insulated with tape, then tape around the lot15. HELP PLEASE: Samsung LED TV Damaged ?with a cracked screen you are cheaper to buy a new tv than getting it repaired and sell that tv on ebay for spares or repairs and buyer collects but you could try ebay and see if anybody has got the same tv but its damaged but the screen is in perfect condition and it has to be the same tv16. What are the factors to be considered in purchasing an LED TV?Buying a TV? Here Are 11 Things You Should KnowHave a better day !17. Shall i buy AOC 24 inch LED tv moniter?yes its an nice company dude go for it18. Sanyo LED TV's, worth it or a waste of?hello most of tvs are...MADE IN CHINA.....on cheap tvs they use second order components according to manufactures quality control. you should not tire a tv......turn it off for an hour after 4-5 hours working.19. How come I canu2019t connect my Sony Bravia LED TV with my HP laptop (Windows 10) using an HDMI cable? It used to work well when I was using Windows.I do not know. What HP laptop specifically? Are you running Windows 10 on it, or something else? You say "when I was using Windows" - does that mean the previous version of Windows (whatever that was), or does that mean you are not actually running Windows on it now? What kind of graphics chip does it have? What drivers are you using? What happens when you plug into the display?Vague questions do not help anybody. Specifics matter20. shipping 65 inch LED TV from US to Bahrain , lowest cost method ?I would suggest you go to UPS, FedEx and DHL web sites. You will need the weight and dimensions of the shipping box or crate. With that information you should be able to calculate the shipping cost.
What Is Canada's Political Spectrum, and How Does It Differ From the US Political Spectrum?
Yes, the two systems are entirely different. The US is a Constitutional Republic. You have an elected president, congress and senate. Canada's political system is a based on the party system. We don't have a president we have a prime minister. The prime minister is the head of the political party. In Canada, at present, we have four political parties: Conservative, Liberal, New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Green Party. When we vote in the Federal Election, which is every four years, we vote for the party not for the leader. If a party is elected with a majority, they pretty much run the show. Because they hold a majority of the votes in parliament they can pass whatever legislation they choose to. We do not have a president to veto what the parliament passes. We do have a senate; however, the senate is not elected. They are appointed by the Prime Minister, often for patronage reasons. Canada is still connected to the Monarchy so we also have a Governor General. The GG is the Queen's representative but is in reality just a figure head. Prior to each election, the Prime Minister must go to the GG and ask for the Parliament to be dissolved (I think that is what they call it). Also, after the election, the PM elect must go to the GG to establish a government. Obviously, things are a bit more complicated and complex; however, that is it in a nut shell• Other QuestionsWhat is the proper way to drive an LED on an embedded system?20mA is at the upper range of what I would consider driving with an MCU. Be sure to check the spec, and determine whether the MCU is better at sinking or sourcing current, as this would dictate which way around the LED goes, and whether the other end is connected to through a resistor to ground or V. Also consider what the total power sunk or sourced by the MCU would be - does it exceed the rating for the MCU? How about the thermal performance?You may find that it is much better to get a high brightness LED with a 20mA spec and drive it at a lower current to achieve an appropriate level of brightness (eg. for display or indication)For higher current applications, such as 3W LEDs where voltages and current greatly exceed what the MCU handles, you should use a constant current driver - many are available (eg. LM3414, CAT4104), and can be simple or complex, depending mostly on how consistent the forward voltage of the LED is from one LED to the next (usually not very consistent) and whether you plan on implementing only one LED, or if you're going to take it to production and can't possibly tweak every circuit that rolls off the line, total string voltage, and a number of other possible factors. If it's a one-off with very consistent source voltage, then you can just put a resistor and MOSFET in series and use the MCU to drive the MOSFET, but this provides poor sensitivity to changes in supply voltage, and poor brightness matching between LEDs that might be side-by-side.What is the proper way to drive and LED on an embedded system?------What is MGTOW and/or the red pill?Two different things , red pill is a mindset that men embrace where you are to be the best you can be for yourself .Like everything it has it's extremes where men will go into the whole alpha /beta thing and preach it to everyone and call others on it ,defeating the purpose .In the most important meaning of it , it's being aware of what it means to truely be manly (physically,mentally ,financially, self confident , courage and a controlled level headed ego ).MGTOW men going their own way. This in itself has a vast vast spectrum and is often mixed up with red pill .The spectrum spans from men who genuinely hate woman because they have never been successful with them so they go solo (often not by choice).Then there are the men who have been destroyed by a woman either divorce ,financially , cheated on and so on and so forth..In final there are just those men who chose to pursue their careers and financial freedom and refuse to get married or attached beyond dating periodically .Sadly I've seen too much of this on the bad side of the spectrum where men blame woman for exploring through hypergamy , manipulation and incapable of loving like a man.I believe this simply men not understanding themselves and even less woman ,looking for a source to their misery and playing the victim.. It will simply accomplish a life of bitterness and loneliness, resulting in a waste of what's most precious to all human beings ,(TIME)------What are your most memorable cooking fails that led you to throw the food away?This reminds me of the time when I tried to replicate my mothers Kofta dish.To say, It was a fail would be an understatement.I usually cook good food and so I was confident. While growing up, Kofta was one of my favorite dishes and I had not have it in a really long time so I was badly craving for it.I started with making Kofta first and to add a twist I used corn flour for the coating.Kofta is a type of Indian fritter made with gram flour and grated bottle guards. Traditionally Kofta is not made with corn flour coating ( for those who are not familiar with the dish)When I tried to fry them in pan, it tore open and everything became a mess!My pan, now had some gram flour paste swimming in the oil openly. I continued even after this major crisis and tried to fry another batch of Kofta, some Koftas survived, other died like the former batch.My spirit was not crushed even after all this and I started preparing Gravy, it was one of the worst gravy fail of all time. I forgot that I dont have tomatoes!!!! Can you imagine an Indian curry without Tomatoes???My surviving Koftas were way too oily, I dont know whyyyy!!!!I had come this far so I went ahead and put those OILY Koftas in the Tomatoless Indian gravy.When I tasted it, I cried, not with happiness mind you, with the taste of utter failure!Never tried to make Koftas again!! Never!This is how it supposed to look like------How did Led Zeppelin change music?Led Zeppelin changed the course of music forever. Each member alongside being at the top of their respective crafts, continue to influence artists to this day.Robert Plant created the style of the classic rock lead man, with tight pants and a feminine yet somehow masculine style. This paved the way for others such as Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, and many more.Jimmy Page alongside Jimi Hendrix, is the most influential rock guitarist. His iconic riffs and and expressive solos remain as timeless classics, which continues to influence guitarists of our dayJohn Bonham is often considered the greatest drummer in rock and roll history. Without him setting the tone, masterfully combining elements of Jazz drumming with an aggressive rock style, it's hard to imagine Led Zeppelin reaching the heights it didJohn Paul Jones was the perfect piece to accompany the rest of the band. He was the most versatile of them all, playing bass, keyboard, mandolin and anything else the band required, filling in the gaps to perfection.Overall, this 4-man band combined to make the greatest rock band of all time, setting the standard to which any music in the genre is judged by. This is unfair to bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, or even Greta Van Fleet today... They are all good in their own right but merely echo some parts of Zeppelin's brilliance. Yet, all these bands and many others demonstrate the far reaching influence Led Zeppelin has had on music------What historical factors led to Malaysia being more prosperous and developed than Indonesia?Most likely being colonised by the British, instead of the Dutch (in Indonesia.)Being smaller (land and population-wise) and easier to manage than Indonesia (Remember, Malaysia was simply Malaya before the latter teamed up with Singapore, Borneo Islands Sarawak and North Borneo - renamed Sabah sometime in 1963 - to form the federation of Malaysia in the same year.)Singapores port, and to a certain extent Malayas two main ports (in Penang island and Klang in the state of Selangor) generated much prosperity due to being ideally located along the Straits of Malacca, which is:- One of the most important shipping lanes in the world.- Busiest strait in the world.- One of the world's most congested shipping choke points.(All three points lifted off wikipedia, I humbly admit).West Malaysia is connected by land to the Asian continent, and this complements the sea trade & commerce routes, whereas Indonesia consists of islands and is therefore at a disadvantage, logistically-speaking.The abundance of tin ore in some parts of Malaya started a rapidly-flourishing, large-scale industry in the early 19th century. By 1883, Malaya had become the largest tin producer in the world. By the end of the 19th century, it was supplying about 55% of the world's tin.Rubber was introduced in Malaya in the late 19th century. By the 1930s, Malaya produced half of the worlds rubber. Before Malaya gained independence in 1957, rubber plantations helped transform Malaya into Britains richest colony. At one point, Malaysia was the worlds largest exporter of rubber.Just my loose, non-expert observation, obviously. Feel free to correct me or add anything. Thanks!------What was the best episode of Star Trek (The Original Series), and why?Amok Time.For these scenes:Kirk is ordered to Altair VI by Star Fleet, instead of taking Spock to Vulcan. Kirk states to Bones that theres no reason for the Enterprise to be there, that its not that vital, and hes going to Vulcan anyway. Bones tells him that it would mean his career. Kirk says I cant let Spock die, can I Bones? And he will if I go to Altair. I owe him my life a dozen times over. Isn't that worth a career? Hes my friend!Spock, Bones and Kirk are in the turbolift, getting ready to be beamed down to Vulcan. He asks Kirk to beam down to the planets surface, to stand with him, and Kirk asks if it is permitted. Spock says, It is my right. By tradition, the male is accompanied by his closest friends. Kirk thanks him. Then as the doors open, Spock also says, I alsorequestMcCoyaccompany me. Bones, quietly surprised and touched, says with great dignity, I shall be honored, sir.The overwhelming joy of seeing Kirk alive, exclaimingJIMM!!!I've always felt Amok Time reflected the essence of the best of Star Trek. Jim, willing to throw away the thing we has always wanted to be, a Star Fleet captain for his friend. Spock, stripping away the token animosity and revealing his respect and friendship to Bones, and Bones showing how honored he feels to be considered a friend of Spock.Again, the best of Star Trek.
What Proof Is Needed to Get a Restraining Order for Psychological/emotional Abuse?
Your testimony, any police reports witnesses, incidents involving other people who can substantiate your report.Abuser's prior criminal records(public record) prior medication and hospitalization for conduct relating Psychological episodes.Loss of jobs, apartments and situations where children may be affected and in danger....both physically and psychologically. Children demonstrating a change of grades or conduct in school.Go to your local criminal court and seek help and guidance. Lawyers are provided free of charge and everything is confidential.Be well.• Related QuestionsWhat were the similarities and differences between Lenins system of government and that of Stalin?Stalin as General Secretary did a lot to create Lenin's system, and continued it very successfully.The use of terror began with the White forces, and was standard for various right-wing forces faced with revolution. The Bolsheviks had to use it themselves or get destroyed.You've probably been given a very selective view of history. Terror is the normal method of any government facing a serious challenge. I don't know of any that have been content to be overthrown rather than use such methods.------Who almost conquered the entire world in history?One continuous empire unbroken on land? The Mongol Empire no doubt. Genghis Khan would have been a billionaire 500 or 600 times over. Largest empire in pieces? The British earned that infamous rank. A british pal commented at my statement about Americans and the natives by replying, dont worry we were more tyrannical than your wildest dreams. In modern times? Hats off to America, Romes wet dream. With bases on every continent and every single time zone on Earth, todays is America. To be clear, definition of empire is certainly different from antiquity and modern time------Why does the US not have an equivalent to the UK NHS?Just basically the size of the US and the cost. The people with money compared to the citizens living in poverty is astronomical. Around 47 million depend on food banks in the US. There is large poverty problem in the UK but there are enough earning to contribute to all. We pay tax no matter what. Trump thinks not paying tax is being a smart businessman but all it does in reality is keep the poorest in poverty. Not all of us were born privileged. The gap between those that have and have not is expanding.------How strong was Nazi Germany?Nazi Germany didnt fight alone they had allies and Auxiliary troops but they were the Keystone holding together and in consideration of the German Army Alone against the Army of any other Nation they didnt have the largest army but they were the most powerful on land and air but they didnt have the numbers on the water.If Nazi Germany Fought alone against America without anyone else interfering then Germany would win if it was in Europe and they would also win as long as they could build up their navy and successfully offload their troops on American soil------Why did Jackie Kennedy think LBJ had JFK killed?She knew how much LBJ hated the Kennedys.She considered who benefited most from JFKs death, and that person was LBJ.LBJ knew he was about to be dropped as vice president in 1964. He knew Bobby Kennedy was about to prosecute him along with his associates Bill Sol Estes and Bobby Baker. Bill Sol Estes even offered to flip and testify against LBJ, that hed killed 8 people including JFK.Jackie was intelligent, overheard conversations and knew what was going on------Why isn't John Paul Jones celebrated as much as the other three in Led Zeppelin?JPJ values the quality of his life above fame and social media. He has his family, his half-century of experience as a musician, recording engineer, arranger, producer and the celebrity he gets he earned through doing what he loved. He has enough money to sustain his needs and family and doesnt have to work another day, yet he is still active recording and producing new music talent and occasionally shows up onstage to jam or to help build fame for another act.What more can he want? What more does he need other than a long and healthy life with those he loves?------Why did France surrender so quickly while the Soviet Union held out for years? British intelligence expected France to hold out, and the USSR to collapse. Why did the opposite happen?The land area of France proper at the time consisted of 551,000 square kilometers. You could fit more than three Frances into the Soviet terrain that Germany occupied. Thats one variable. The Soviet Union also had roughly four times the population of France. Thats another. And France could expect much better treatment from the Germans if they surrendered. And of course much of Russian population were in the grip of a fanatical totalitarian ideology ruled by a ruthless dictator prepared to fight to the last man, woman and child under his rule------If knowledge is power, why aren't knowledgeable folks all that powerful?You're confusing the general power of knowledge with power that you would observe in the real world, in the context of a given society.I learn how to do calculus in a year. I have tons of power for modelling all sorts of scenarios and understanding what will happen in hypothetical mathematics problems. It doesn't mean I gain so much power in the real world, e.g., to persuade someone to hire an individual.Different types of power, but generally knowledge represents information. Information can be utilized, give you more efficiency, in a very general sense.------Why do people upgrade their phones every year?First of all - are we talking about iPhones or Androids?If iPhones - no need to explain why people upgrade phones:)Regarding Android - there are phone models which do not support OS update to the latest version, while software developers constantly update their apps to work on the latests OS.So if you have an Android 6 phone and it cannot be upgraded to Android 9, more than likely several of your apps stop working on Android 6 one day.Or will be very glitchy.I do not think software developers will spend their time on fixing errors which are on Android 6 only.------Which side was France on in WWII?The country France was on the Allied side. There were Vichy French troops in 1942 during Operation Torch that fought against the Americans at Casablanca. General Patton was in charge of this section of the invasion of Africa and did not like having to kill the French. The results of Operation Torch were a decisive win for the Allies and destruction of the French Fleet, Italian and German control of Southern France relinquished, the Free French gained control of French West Africa and Anglo-American occupation of Morocco and Algeria------If the world were to be a single country, who will you elect to lead it?In the crazy event that everyone united and we had a one world government, it would simply depend on who is running. Leading a whole planet must be much harder than leading a country, and leading a country is also very challenging. I would think that a lot of current world leaders may not run for presidency of the world as it may not be their thing, so to speak. Eg. The mayor of a city may not want to become the president or even be right for the job.See what Im saying?------Which Bollywood actor has been in the most movies?Padma Bhushan awardee,Pran Krishan Sikand(Pran)who has the most number of films in his record.He started his career in 1940 and acted till 2002.He acted in over 350 films.Unfortunately,he was not alive and died on july 2013 at the age of 93.I am a huge fan of him and will be throughout my life.His one of the best dialogue is,Sher Khan ne shaadi nahi ki toh kya hua lekin baaraatein bahut dekhi haiSome of his best images are posted below:------Why is India still living under British rule?My friend the first suggestion is you should immediately change your newspaper. India is now in its 71st year of independence. Next year in August just check what other Indians are doing on the 15th of the month.Pranay Sawant ( in his answer below ) has employed a lot of wit and double edged sarcasm to list out some points. I would urge him to include the Mughal rule too.. since the PM delivers his Independence speech from the Red Fort. And lets not forget Sher Shah Suri who introduced the Rupee and made the GT Road------Why do you admire Dr. Abdul Kalam?Because of his simplicity:-He invited a cobbler and a small hotel owner as the Presidential GuestsAs the President, Dr. Kalam was entitled to invite any two people as the Presidential Guests to the Raj Bhavan of Kerala during his first visit to Trivandrum. He had spent a significant amount of time as a scientist in Trivandrum and guess who he called? a roadside cobbler who was quite close to Dr. Kalam during his time in Kerala; and an owner of a very small hotel where Dr. Kalam used to have his meals.This gesture was more than enough to show his level of simplicity!Thanks!------What does the Bible say about a wife keeping her last name when she gets married?It doesnt address the matter. Most men didnt go by last names anyway. They became known as son of so and so. Or like Joseph the husband of Mary.(Matthew 1:16) 16 Jacob became father to Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ.(Luke 3:23) 23 When Jesus began his work, he was about 30 years old, being the son, as the opinion was, of Joseph,. . .Or Joseph of Arimathea.Women were also called daughter of so and so. Or like Mary Magdalene. This name meant Mary of Magdala.------Despite having several hits in his kitty, why is R. Madhavan not counted in the league of Ajith or Vijay in Kollywood? What went wrong?Madhavan hails from Bombay though he is a Tamilian .He tried his luck first in Hindi serials .He could not make it big there .Then came the opertunity of accting in Tamil movies .His firstmovie is a SuperDuper hit and overnight he became a star.ManiRatnam,Balachnder gave him good chances .He acted in many sensible movies.Again he tried in Hindi but except Three Ideots and Rang De Basanthi none other movies though good could not make it big.Tamil Industry consider him as Mumbaiwala,Hindi people as Madrasi so he is neither ghar ka na ghat ka!------How long should I wait after a Google phone interview?Google recruiters are incentivized to get people hired their performance reviews and compensation are driven by the number and caliber of people the successfully get through committee. The people doing the interviews are pulled in the other direction, finding strong reasons not to hire somebody.As a result, if you got a decent score in the phone screen, they will typically be in touch very quickly (23 days). If not, they arent always great about following through.In short: if you are asking this question, you already have your answer------How did you make the decision not to get your children vaccinated?This is not about me, but about my dad.My dads sister was vaccinated and we found out she was allergic to it. (Shes allergic to many things, so it wasn't a shock, but usually she's allergic to food, not medicine).She spend a week or so in hospital and almost died.My dad was born a couple of years later, and as my grandma was told to not vaccinate her other children she didnt.She (and I) believe that medical reasons are the only reason to not vaccinate.I was vaccinated, but in a hospital, with three shots instead of one, just in case.------Which Bollywood actress has the most number of fans?It definitely deepika and priyanka Chopra.Deepika padukone:- she also making movie on hollywood with great actor of hollywood vin diesel and second most fan following on Instagram of India. Her movie padmavati and chennai express thus film got many awarded also she got best actress of bollywood.Priyanka Chopra:-priyanka chopra is a queen of bollywood she now in Hollywood most fan following in instagram with belonging to USA she married America singer nick Jonas on 2018 and she many TV shows, bollywood movie, she's best acting on hollywood movie of Baywatch fans good response on she's acting.Which Bollywood actress has the highest fan followers?
Get the Best LED Integrated Tubes in Toronto
LED Integrated Tubes by LEDmyplace is innovatively manufactured LED tube light that provides a significantly lower operational cost compared to standard LED tubes, with savings reaching up to 90 percent. These are not just replacements for the traditional fluorescent tubes rather create a truly spiritual ambiance that adds to the satisfaction of the consumers. These LED tubes lasting for not less than 50,000 hours and with very little lumen depreciation until the end of the lifespan, you incur almost negligible maintenance cost.Use The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto On Buy-sellUse The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto OnBuy-sell Use The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto Onfonolive.com• You May Also Want to Knowwhat's the secret of the light emimmiting diode (LED) when it change colorr from red to green.?There's no secret. There are two separate LEDs in there, red and green. One lens, three leads. Normally it is possible to turn them both on simultaneously and get yellow as well.Does anyone in Orange County know of someone who can change out the LED lights in a scion tc?You should check with the members of the SoCal-tC Club. Lots of their members have had their gauges changed by a few different companies. You can also check out LED-MODS.NET. His reviews have been varied, from some very pleased to some not so pleased. He's based in Tustin. Definitely check out the SoCal-tC Club though, and tell 'em we sent ya ;)Is there in existance, an LED that can have its colour output controlled by varying input frequency.?Charcind is correct, but it's an interesting question. You might be able to change the colour by feeding the light from the LED into a non-linear optical medium whose properties can be varied electrically, but do not ask me for any technical detailsLM317 VS AMS1117 as Constant Current Limiter for LED SMD BoardsIf your voltage drop is 15V, and your current is 450 mA, then your linear regulator, no matter whether it's just a transistor, a LM317 or an AMS1117, will have to dissipate 7W.That's an insane amount of power you waste and convert to heat. They will all overheat. So, you are wrong, and all your solutions are inadequate; they are wrong "by the same amount". In fact, you are also misinterpreting what "current limit" is here. But that's been asked multiple times on here...You need a switch-mode power supply here. And you do not want a constant-voltage supply, but a constant-current supply, so design accordingly. Actually, I would argue you would really want three constant current supplies, one for each string, to avoid thermal runaway if any of your LEDs has a lower forward voltage than the othersFAVI RioHD-LED-2 - Replace LED Projector Lamp- (photo) What Is This?Just pitch that box into the trash. It is worth even less than you paid for itHow do I use LGM540 LED Grow Lights?Hello How funny were just looking them up the other day and thought who would buy them lights for growing, you must be very rich, anyhow, you will need to keep them LED grow lights pretty close to your plant's, if you've never used hydroponic nor grown plants much, then start with soil growing and do lot's and lot's of goggling, and you will do fine. Good luck.How about Samsung LED? is it worth to buy it?For the pic quality, shape, function and technology, Samsung LED is much better than others, but i think it's much expensive. ><If the green LED is solid on my motherboard...can it still be fried?Sounds like you are talking about the Power LED, in which case that only stays on as long as your motherboard is getting power from the power supply. The motherboard can be dead and still be getting power, so yes, it's entirely possible that your motherboard is fried. I doubt very seriously the front-panel power header is bad, but I guess it's possible.Added LED Side Mirrors. Will i need a higher Amp Fuse?It would not hurt. If you do only put like ones that have an extra 10 amp. But you dOnt really have too. I have 4 LED strips thru out my car and I have not changed any fusesWill too much current damage LED's?Yes, too much current will definitely damage them, they will explode. If you have a small local electronics shop, you can ask them. If not and you have an LED to spare, you can use a potentiometer to measure the amperage at which they become damaged (this will likely be quite low, so be careful), and then place larger or smaller resistors accordingly. A 1k resistor should be about the maximumHow do you make at home LED light sticks and how to get the materials?Explain what you are trying to do a little better. I can not tell if you are making party favors or reading lights. Go to Instructables.com and there's lots of LED projects.WHERE CAN I GET A SMALL LED FROM MY OWN HOME? HELP I NEED IT FOR SCIENCE FAIR?At a local electronics store (there should be one in your area), or buy something at a dollar store that has an LED and just take it apart. There's eBay, tooFluorescent light or LED lamps ?LED is the way forward. Plenty of light at very low consumptioncan linux be configured to blink an LED (GPIO) on disk activity?Sure.Disk activity is recorded in real-time in "/proc/diskstats". All you need to do is loop every 100 ms, read this file and compare if any of the read or write counters for the USB block device changed. If they changed, blink the LED on the GPIO. See the kernel source file "Documentation/iostats.txt" for information on the "/proc/diskstats" formatDoes the 2011 Elantra have LED lights like the Korean version?!?I heard as well that the US spec Elantra will not have LED's. Cost reasons I guess. The top trim Elantra is $22,000. I guess they wanted to keep around that price pointLED light: Help with parts list and assembly order?Hi, Since you already have an idea of how to work with electronic items, this should be easy for you. Basically you require a some colored LEDs ( Blue and Reds), high current and low voltage supply, few resistors and some wires.Plasma vs LED... which looks better?Plasma still is king in my opinion. While LED has made awesome strides I would still go with Plasma. Panasonic Plasma's are just about the best, they look gorgeous and they are a MUCH better bang for your buckCan i hook a 120v LED to the end of a self regulating heat trace?YES. USE IT AS A SIMPLE INDICATOR FOR HEATER AS LED IS IN PARALLEL WITH THE 120V PORTABLE HEATER BUT NOT IN SERIES. NEVER HOOK IT TO 240V SPACE BOARD HEATER THAT IS WIDELY USED AT HOMEMy LED's are dim, how do I get them brighter?try a heavier wire..20 gauge isnt really heavy, im not sure how much juice 6 LED's drain but i guess its worth a shotDim LED on Xbox 360 Controller?your controller is modded,the LED of a standard controller can not be blue is only yellow.the third link show you controllers who are similar to standard controller but they are moddedXbox 360 Controller LED soldering not working?In my experience if you use too much solder it may get onto other things and completely ruin the circuit that runs electricity to the other lights. Givin how small those LED's are its really easy to use too much solder when replacing them with different lights. Every time ive seen this happen there wasnt a way to repair the damage :( you can try removing some of the excess solder but i dont think its going to help. And btw, ignore that thomas guy. where else are you going to post xbox related repairs other than the “Xbox“ section?LiPo charger MCP73831 does not light an LED with it's STAT pin when done chargingThe main problem MAY BE that your STAT LED is connected wrongly. This depends on the IC actually supplied. The 73831 will work as you have shown. The almost functionally identical 73832 will not. Odds are your IC is as specified, but checking would be wise. Dejvid is correct that a lower voltage option of the IC should be used - but the battery would almost certainly charge to the higher voltage if it was a bare battery. After reassessing Dejvid's comments I realised that the battery was probably being protected by an internal overcharge protection circuit. I have just rechecked the battery data sheet and see that they say "with PCM" - ie protection module. This is what has saved your battery. Some Asian sourced batteries which claim to have a PCM fitted do not have one. It seems that yours does ! :-).The -3 version of the IC has min/typical/max Vterminate voltages of 4.317 / 4.35 / 4.383. These voltages are too high for most LiPo batteries and will in many cases cause low cycle lifetimes and in some cases may cause spectacular flaming destruction. The PCM protects against this but should not be relied on. Battery data sheet here Note stated end point voltage of 4.2V. This is standard and should not be exceeded.Powering LED via AC SignalDecades ago I implemented an anti-skid brake system for a student car project. I used 74LS123, or 74LS121, monostables as pulse-period (cycle-duration) window detectors.This approach will be much more accurate a detector than bandpass filters. And the logic levels will easily drive LEDs.I need the ciruit to interface an ADC with a 7 segment LED display for an Analog signal in the range of 0-14V.u still need to refine your requirements. how many 7 segment LED display do u want? r u going to display the voltage directly i.e 0 to 14 or do u want it to be calibrated and display the pH value directly? you better consider using a PIC16F877A. it has got inbuilt ADC and it can store the values internally and also can drive 7segment displays directly.what raw material are needed to make LED rope?Things You will Need: ¼-inch transparent vinyl tubing 3 mm ultra-bright 4-volt LED lights, any color Straight wire Speaker wire Outside cutters Tape measure Black marker Knife Glue gun with glue sticks Small flashlight Click on the source link for full details.Should I change the incandescent light bulbs throughout my house to LED bulbs?depends on what you are paying for the LED bulbs - they used to be a lot more expensive than CFL's - would take 15 yrs to break even. prices have come downcan you grow weed under a normal LED lamp?To use an LED lamp, you would need one specifically designed for plant growth, i.e. one with sufficient intensity in the red (400-500nm) range and the blue (600-700nm) range. These lamps are currently available, and use electricity efficiently, but they are still a newer technology and are quite expensive, with some brands costing as much as $500 per lamp.LED flashlight different color selections?The truth is it is just one of the LED colors, so they built it in hardly with vision in mind. That having been said; it provides a sub-dued form of white light, not quite so shocking to your eyes, often used to say; make notes on a clipboard.I have a Sony LED TV but yesterday, the voltage went high and low, so the TV did not work. What will happen?Possibly burned out mother board. Thatu2019s the precise reason surge protectors are recommended for all electronic equipment. Theyu2019re not protected against power surges that can burn out sensitive electronic components. Try unplugging it and leaving it off for a couple minutes, this will reset the circuits, if itu2019s still operational. There may be a circuit breaker on the equipment itself that you can reset or factory reset procedure that you can do, if possible. Of course, make sure you actually have power at the outlet. Other than that, time to call the repairman. If itu2019s not too old, you may be able to get repair parts. One good thing, theyu2019re probably cheaper now than when you bought it . . . Good Luck.I have a Sony LED TV but yesterday, the voltage went high and low, so the TV did not work. What will happen?.
Driving LEDs Directly From Microcontroller Pins
The first and third methods you show are fine, assuming the resistor is sized so that the 8 mA maximum port pin current is not exceeded. The difference between these two methods is whether the low or high side drive transistor in the processor is in series with the LED. Sometimes the low side transistors are a little more beefy, which is why you see method three more than method 1. However, either method is fine as long as you take care to not exceed the current spec for the pin. Also note that some processors have a total current spec that must not be exceeded. For example, you could have 10 pins each driving a LED at 8 mA, which would be fine individually for each pin. However, if the overall processor spec is that all I/O pins together can't source our sink more than 50 mA, for example, then you're still out of spec.Your method two is wrong as drawn. It will likely damage the LED or transistor. To fix it, add a resistor in series with the LED so that the LED current does not exceed its maximum rated value. For example, let's say the LED is rated for 20 mA max, and it drops 2.1 V in that case. With a 9 V supply, that leaves 6.9 V accross the resistor and the transistor. The saturation voltage of the transistor is probably around 200 mV, but for worst case analisys let's just say it's 0. 6.9 V / 20 mA 345 , so the next size up common value of 360 would be fine. Working backwards, and this time assuming the 200 mV drop on Q1, the LED current will be 6.7 V / 360 18.6 mA. Even in a side by side comparison, it will be difficult for humans to distinguish that from the brightness achieved by 20 mA thru the LED.Here is yet another method, which is useful when there is a external supply available that is a bit more than the processor voltage plus the LED drop:This uses the transistor as a switchable current sink, so the exact power voltage (9 V in your case) doesn't matter over a wide range. When the base is 0, the transistor is off and the LED is off. When the base is driven to 3.3 V by the digital output, the emitter will be about 700 mV less, or 2.6 V in this example. The current thru R1 will therefore be 2.6 V / 150 17.3 mA. Since most of this current comes from the collector due to the gain of the transistor, that will be the LED current to a reasonable approximation.Note that the 9 V supply voltage didn't enter into the calculations. As long as it is above a minimum value, the transistor will sink very nearly the same current because the transistor gain changes little with collector voltage. If we give the transistor about 700 mV C-E voltage so that it is nicely in its linear region, then the supply must be at least the digital output level plus the LED drop, which comes to 5.4 V in this case. That means the "9 V" supply can vary down to about 5.4 V without effecting the operation of this circuit.The maximum allowable supply is limited by the power dissipation in the transistor. Let's say we want to keep it to 150 mW or less. 150 mW / 17.3 mA 8.7 V, which is the maximum C-E voltage for the transistor when it is on. Since R1 will drop 2.6 V and the LED 2.1, that means the supply can't exceed 13.4 V. So this circuit will work nicely and run the LED at the same brightness even if the "9 V" supply ranges from about 5.4 to 13.4 voltsIn the circuit I'm designing, I'm using an at91sam7s128 which is a micro-controller with an ARM7 core.Its PIO0 to PIO31 provide 8mA max which is low to handle direct driving of LEDs like this:simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabUPDATED: thanks to jippie and Olin Lathrop for telling me about the resistor in series with the LED.So some designers use a safer method, connecting PIO to the base of a transistor that acts like a switch:simulate this circuitOthers just make a simple trick. They connect the anode of the LED to the power supply and the cathode to a PIO:simulate this circuitIn the last method the LED will turn on when the PIO goes low - acting like GND - and current will be taken from power supply, not from the PIO like in the first method. So do I have to take care of maximum current of the PIO, although it just acts like GND, not like a power supply (like in the first method).When I set the PIO low, does the pin really get connected to GND or something else?NOTE: In this Atmel evaluation kit they use the last method, but I need to make sure.·OTHER ANSWER:In the circuit I'm designing, I'm using an at91sam7s128 which is a micro-controller with an ARM7 core.Its PIO0 to PIO31 provide 8mA max which is low to handle direct driving of LEDs like this:simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabUPDATED: thanks to jippie and Olin Lathrop for telling me about the resistor in series with the LED.So some designers use a safer method, connecting PIO to the base of a transistor that acts like a switch:simulate this circuitOthers just make a simple trick. They connect the anode of the LED to the power supply and the cathode to a PIO:simulate this circuitIn the last method the LED will turn on when the PIO goes low - acting like GND - and current will be taken from power supply, not from the PIO like in the first method. So do I have to take care of maximum current of the PIO, although it just acts like GND, not like a power supply (like in the first method).When I set the PIO low, does the pin really get connected to GND or something else?NOTE: In this Atmel evaluation kit they use the last method, but I need to make sure.
Blackberry- How Assumptions Led to Its Failure!
Started by two talented engineering students from Canada in 1984, with innovative products like two way pager and email systems once dominated the smart phone world. Even the then US president Barrack Obama was a blackberry addict.So what led to its fall?Well, Darwin's theory comes again reminding us of survival of the fittest. This is what made Blackberry fall as they forgot to adapt to the new consumer interests with the coming of Apple and Android.So what actually happened and how did blackberry fail to adapt?Outdated Technology- The late release of Z10- It was by far the best mobiles made by blackberry but was released after a year samsung, HTC released mobiles with the same spec and there was not any excitement to buy this mobile. Also the apps were not very usable to the consumers. Boardroom rifts- Just as messaging services like whatsapp were beginning to gain popularity, one of the board members suggested to have the already popular Blackberry messenger adopted across all platforms. But it was denied by the CEO and few other board members.Design and development was not open- Blackberry software was hard for an outside developers to use and thus innovation was narrowed down and app designs were not great looking. The developers and designers could easily design on apple or android mobiles as the software was open and easy to learn.Lack of user research and wrong decision makers has led to the downfall of this company• RELATED QUESTIONi put led dome light bulbs in my 04 ram 3500 and they stay lit dimly?wrong bulbs if they stay litwhat race has historically led the way in these areas?i hate to say it but ..the white man has conquered this world,if it was not for white man the people of this world would still be living in grass huts or caves..if civilization does not move the next group of people will walk over it..yes, those things happened but more good has come of it than harm . .you can not make an omelet without cracking some eggs..thx 4 asking .hagdIs Fox News led by Bill O and Sean Hannity the most credible name in news? And the undisputed ratings champ?Ratings means bugger all.Who has more time to watch telly?Bingo,first prize.DeadbeatsDid the obama white house cover up the deaths that should have led to a GM recall back in 2010?POTUS Obama, first Afro-American President; and elected to clean up the mess left by the previous POTUS. Mary Barra was named as General Motors CEO; hired also to clean up the mess left before she took the range. How ironic that the two share the same fate; yet Obama is blame for both incidents.why dont my led inside my ethernet plug dont come on the green light can i still go on ps3 online[readdetails]?I find it hard to understand your question, but if the green connectivity light does not come on the PS3 when you plug in the Ethernet port, odds are, you will not get onlinewill running an led light that was originally on a 3 v circuit on a 3.6 v circuit eventually blow it up?Practically it does not blow it upWhat has led to early exit of France in FIFA 2010?Pardon my French. The Irish curse.... Once Zidane retired the team is not the same. I do not know where is Patrick Vierra...may be earning money by doing commentary, I guess. There were too many indications France was not a coordinated group of players - I wish their countrymen throw some rotten eggs and tomatoes when they arrive in Paris. What a disgrace. Henry is another hyped player like Rooney.Could I use a red led strip as a third brake light?replace the bulb. They use a similar bulb yet diverse filaments interior that comparable bulb. as far because of fact the radio is going its the two a bad floor or means grant going into the lower back of the radio. Or the radio is wiped out and only desires to get replaced.Is Alex Jones mentally ill or consciously duping the easily-led?He lives pretty well off of selling overpriced "survival foods."How much watts does one 5050 smd led light use?You need to supply the specifications on the light. You should get them when you buy the LED. .How or what do i use to make led's work?Hi there The LED bike lights that flash use a custom made integrated circuit and power transistors made just for that job. To make something that does exactly the same job at a cheap price the only thing to do is source the same IC as they use. Another option - - - Simulating the same sorts of flashing patterns can be done with a PIC processor , but of course you will have to write the software to run it. This is perhaps the most expensive method. Yet another choice - - - If your just after a simple on /off flash rate , this can be done with analogue circuitry. You could use a cheap 555 timer. If you will only have a standard LED on the output it can be driven directly , but if your going to hang numerous LEDS or one of those high brightness LEDS you will need a power transistor to handle the switching load.Does all the fear based news lead you to believe we are being led to depend on government?my dad used to buy the depressing newspaper everyday so we would all beleive that the world around us was evil. It was the other way around!Factors that led to the protestant reformation?Primarily the pride and arrogance of one Catholic priest, Martin LutherWhy do people want led bulbs when then dont save much more power then ccfls and cfl?They do not have mercury so you do not have to worry if a bulb breaksIn a nutshell, what led to the situation between Russia and Georgia?Georgia does not want to be a part of Russia. They want to be independent & free from a communistic countyWhat is the unique thing you've done that has led to your success?I answered an ad in the newspaper. It turned out to be a employment agency, not the actual employer. I thought the ad was kind of strange just a thumb nail sketch. But it turned out to be the best thing. I was prepped by the employment agency and did my own research as well . I went the next day . One interview turned into three and I got the job on a Friday and started the job on a Monday. The moral of that story is do not let a strangely worded ad deter you. Or do not judge a book by its cover. What might look like a banged up copy 3rd edition might hide a wealth of information inside!.Would Mrs Clinton be advised to lawyer up regarding nefarious banking practices that led up to the behemoth that is now Dodd Frank?All them politicians stay layered upHow to find hd channels on Samsung led tv using hdtv antenna? I will answer yours.?When you go to program your channels, the TV generally scans both analog and digital channels. This may take a while, however; the LG I bought takes somewhere around 25 minutes to scan channels. It's not like the old days where an analog TV could find everything in range in about 5 minutes, if that.where are the british being led to by "suits" the black n white blue tie brigade?I am not really sure what is wrong with you, but I think it is serious. Why not consider getting some professional help?has science led us too believing god?Yes, some of it has. But what is better proof is turning your life and will over to him and just sit back and watch the mystical relationship he develops with youIs the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson an accurate portrayal of the man, and the life he led?One thing this biography was seriously missing was a look into his work habits and schedule. How did he organize meetings, what did he do when he woke up each day, how did he deal with his email, how much forward was his schedule planned, what were his views on organizational structure etcWhat one person do you believe "changed the world" the most? What ultimately led to their success in doing so and why do you think they specifically had the greatest impact?You can not say one person has had that sort of impact. That also almost borders on hero worship. There have been many great people who have fundamentally shaped our world but no one single person.What are some myths regarding slavery in the United States? For example, as I understand it, only the very rich had slaves and not the entirety of every southern household in the south (as I was led to believe in my high school days).The only blatantly false one that comes to mind is that the civil war was fought because of slavery. Heck, there were slave owning states fighting for the north.Most other claims are true to certain extents.If religion is so good, then why has it led to so many wars and death?Because many religions justify killing as the "right of the strong". The only true religion, if it is properly understood, forbids war and death, since God's law clearly states: Love God above all and love your neighbour (other humans) as yourselfBaby-led weaning moms: How much does your baby eat per meal?My daughter is a bit younger -- 7 months, but she has been self feeding for a month now, and really does not eat all that much. We will put down vegetables and whatever we are eating infront of her, and she will have a fantastic time playing with it, and tasting it, and throwing it around... but not all that much gets swallowed. Although more and more is coming up in her nappy every day, so she's sneaking it in somewhere. The great thing about BLW is that your baby really will eat exactly what they need, and it does not matter if that is not very much at this time.I dropped my psp and it wont turn on AT ALL, no led or anything. What should i do?wow that hurts, can you trade it in, and put a lay away on another one, or sell your games, and from there buy another never answer a phone in a hurry went your dealing a psp or electronic thats delicate, I know but you could been also god forbit in front moving car, bus, a stove, it could' of been worst, so thank god it wasn;t of these above. becuase it could been your parents. sorry tears. we would all have consult. god bless be care full we these things. ebay might have the anwser for you log on and see what happen their could try in gears that one is looking for.How do I fix led brake lights?You will have to install resistors. But the bottom line, most LED replacements are junk and are far more trouble than they are worth. Worse yet, they do not last nearly as long as a regular long life tungsten bulb. I would toss them and replace with LL bulbs. I tell my customers to ditch themhas america led the world in anything? have we been the first to do anything?Other than inventing about half the technology in the world and landing on the moon, I can not think of anythingShould a ship be led by the captain or crew?Ships are commanded by a captain. It IS NOT a democracy.Never has been and never will be one.Could you imagine Congress in control of a cruise liner . . it would still be sailing in the middle of an ice field going nowhere (just look at America) . . . .waiting to hit an iceberg . . that the dems and pubs would blame on each other - - while trying to re-elect themselves. Ah . . . . a perfect analogy of Dee Cee!.
Wiring a Bunch of Micro LED Fairy Lights to a Single Power Source in Parallel
Since you are looking to string the LED's together, you will need to first choose a type of light. We will assume until otherwise that your lighting option is 12volts, since that is fairly common in cars. What you will need to find is the amperage rating of each string of led lights, then you will need to add it together. simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabEach Led represents each string and is simplied here. Red is positive and black is negative -.Then you will need to find a wall wart that is both suitable for voltage as well as the total amp draw for the combined strings. Since you are in a church setting, the cheapest option for one of these is probably a flea market or something similar. Once you get the wall wart, you will want to cut the end off. Be sure to mark the negative and positive sides of the wire ( and -) so that you can match those up with the plus and minus on the led strip. If you are not sure, you will need to take a multimeter and determine negative and positive while it is plugged in. Don't worry it won't kill you, just be careful not to touch both ends together. You will then need to solder or crimp the ends together, depending on the skill and worry you have for burning yourself. Make sure to take care to match up the positive to positive and negative to negative.Note that if the voltage the lights run at is not a standard amount, you can always use a variable buck converter (or similar) to take the voltage from high to low, but you will need solder and multimeter for sure. The plus of this is that you have more control on how bright the highest setting is, which may be useful in some of the cues you want to run.I want to create a cascade effect using the wire fairy lights, like in this photo .What would I need to accomplish this? I can find the coils of lights for cheap online that use battery packs, but I'm looking to wire this so it can be plugged into our central lighting hub that is powered by our light control board.I'm a complete amateur in the electrical realm--I'm very handy and mechanically inclined, I've followed a lot of youtube tutorials on wiring small electrical projects, but only understand the bare basics of electricity.How do I create a string of LED's and switch them on and off?
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